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Why would Jesus say that being healed on earth is compared to being saved for heaven? That makes no sense. How are these two things equal to each other? Even in the same category?

Matthew 9:4-6
Knowing their thoughts, Jesus said,

Why do you entertain evil thoughts in your hearts? Which is easier: to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up and walk’? But I want you to know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.

So he said to the paralyzed man,

Get up, take your mat and go home.

Forgiving sin to me means that God steps in and removes the consequences of an imperfection from happening.

Sin is missing the mark or being imperfect and we suffer consequences for this imperfection. Jesus is forgiving this – taking away the consequences like someone taking away someone’s debt which is the consequence of needing to use other people’s money because you don’t have enough to buy what you need.  To forgive the debt is to take away that consequence by paying it off. Bringing it back to zero again – or perfection.

Our bodies decay and turn back into dirt. Our imperfect DNA degrades, which is the cause of the body dying and decaying; a sign that the body is made imperfectly with all that that entails including being susceptible to sickness as well as other problems with the body. When Jesus came back from the dead he manifested physically differently. He could go through walls and turn himself into all kinds of shapes so that people couldn’t recognize him – until he made it so they did. I also bet that the body he had did not have sin in it. His post-resurrection body didn’t decay. It was perfect.

In this verse, the paralyzed man was suffering the consequences of having an imperfect body. Though eventually our imperfect bodies will bring death to us – as God wills it so we don’t have to live in this place forever (thank God) – Jesus took those consequences away temporarily by healing the man’s paralysis.  Making his body whole again.

One more thing. These are not just kowinkidinks. These are only the experiences I remembered to write down. Unbelievably,  this happens close to 100% of the time.

Date Incident

This is the first time I realized what Jesus was trying to say when he ‘forgave him his sin’. Sin being or doing something imperfect for which there would always be negative consequences as a result.

I lost my wallet somewhere while I was out and about. The situation was that I knew it had dropped out of my purse as I was walking around church. I didn’t know what else to do so I asked God to forgive me my sin. It wasn’t even a minute of looking and there it was outdoors, on the ground, right in front of me.

I have numerous examples of this happening since that incident. Eventually I was inspired to write them down since it became so obvious that this is what happens when I ask God to forgive me my sin.


I set the fire alarm off with my cooking. So I told Jerry to watch the dogs and I opened the front door. Well Jerry didn’t watch the dogs and Sophie got out. We live where there are several streets so it’s pretty dangerous out there for a little dog. Usually Sophie will come back if I get down low and gaily call her name. But this time she didn’t come. So I begged God to forgive us our sin. Suddenly, out of the blue, came a guy walking down the street. Sophie is afraid of strangers which turned out to be a blessing this time. The guy got out in front of her which scared her and she came running back to me to get away from him.







we lost a $41 bottle of gelatin. I thought I saw the bottle but it wasn’t there when we looked for it. I asked God to forgive us our sin but it never turned up even though we practically cleaned the whole apartment. Maybe it will show up tomorrow. Here’s hoping. I blamed Jerry but it was probably me. It’s probably in my car or some other god forsaken place


Well it turns out that the bottle hadn’t arrived yet. We just got it in the mail today even though Amazon said it was delivered on the 27th of February. Though it was green too, the bottle I thought I’d seen on the table was actually a bottle of GlucoDown.


I bought an NASB Giant Print bible when I already had Jerry’s to read. I wasn’t thinking. He reads his on his Kindle so he didn’t need a book. At first the company wanted me to pay over $12 to return it. I asked God to forgive me my sin. I was inspired to send them an e-mail asking if I could send it by USPS for a cheaper rate. They sent me a return label where they’re paying the shipping themselves.

3-9-19 Answer to prayer

I thought it would be nice to read “A New Pair of Glasses” in the Wednesday Woman’s AA meeting and guess what? Although I never said anything to anybody, the group decided to read this book.


A while back I lost a receipt for some fragrance oil I wanted to return. I looked all over for it. Then I asked God to forgive me my sin and help me find the receipt. I still couldn’t find it. Today I was putting a bunch of brochures for the Oregon coast away there was the receipt under all the brochures.


I was backing out of a driveway and I didn’t look carefully enough for cars. One ran right behind me as I was backing. They honked their horn in time for me to stop.


I was e-mailing my contractor and excavator that I wanted the house to be laid out with different margins. I e-mailed them about this at 2 in the morning. Then as I was lying in bed again, God inspired me to think I might have mixed up my lefts and rights which I tend to do. It turned out that I was right about this so I was able to e-mail them my mistake in time for it to be rectified and not just make matters worse. God brought the recall to my attention.


I was coming in from my car and God inspired me think;  “I wonder if I turned the lights off”. Well it turned out I didn’t.


I tipped a big yogurt container over to get the liquid in my bowl, but I tipped it over too much so that all the yogurt plopped out but most of it plopped right into the bowl I was tipping it into.


I put the ACA meeting in the paper for Monday but then the meeting had to be changed to Tuesday to accommodate the church schedule. I forgot to change it in the paper and, since I don’t get the paper, I didn’t notice the information was wrong. Then a girl that I’ve talked to in AA called me and told me of the mistake. She had gotten a flyer that had Tuesday on it but then saw it in the paper for Monday.


I lost my banjo notebook with the chart of notes that Jerry gave me. I’m asking God to forgive me my sin and bring me to it. We’ll see


Kathy was diagnosed with another brain tumor – this time – vascular. A death sentence. So I began to pray earnestly for God to forgive her her sin and take the tumor away as though it never was. It turned out that she had an ‘extra bone’ in her head and that’s what showed up on the MRI. God did forgive her her sin. I’m sure they took another MRI of her head and that’s what they found.

Thank you God. They might have passed it off as a ‘mistake’ but I know different. Pops, your works are marvelous to behold.


I forgot to lock the church door after ending the ACA meeting. When I got home I couldn’t find my keys. When I finally found them, finding the keys reminded me that I had forgotten to lock the door. Or else it was God who prompted me to remember that the door was unlocked.


I forgot to write down the above sin that was forgiven but God reminded me of it.
Another sin forgiven.


I had our excavator Beny Curtis cut down the front tree instead of pulling it out my the roots. I was afraid that the roots would pull out the electric/cable wires and the water/sewer pipes. But after he cut it down we were left with a stump and a bunch of roots. I need God to fix this for me so I asked him to forgive me my sin. So far I haven’t yet found the forgiveness I need but I haven’t talked to Beny yet either. I should have asked him about it and not told him what to do.

Jerry suggested that we rototill the area around the stump. I think this is a good idea for how to solve the problem.


I asked the excavator about pulling out the stump. He said he could do that.


I did 2 reactive blurting’s at my ACA meeting which I thought might cause the meeting to fold.
I’m asking God to forgive me my sin.

It turned out that what I did didn’t stop the others from attending the meeting the following week.


I got an address for Mackenzie Dental instead of Mackenzie Denture. But the lady at the dental office ‘remembered’ that there was a Denture place by that name. She looked it up on the internet and gave me their address and number. I was able to get there just by my appointment time. Thank you Pops for forgiving me my sin.


Jude lost her driver’s license and debit card and she was frantic about them and crying. I immediately asked God to forgive her her sin. Not even a minute later she found them in a pocket that she’d already searched in earlier.


I sinned. I absentmindedly clipped my keys onto a ring on my purse. But the ring was so big that the clip I used didn’t close all the way around it so it fell off. But it didn’t fall off out in the world where it would have been lost forever. No, it fell off in a bible study, where another member saw it fall – and returned it to me. Thus I was able to get it back and didn’t have to deal with lost keys. Then I clipped it onto another narrower ring I had on my purse. I didn’t even ask him this time to forgive me my sin, but this is my mind set.


There was a big mix up with appointments (therapy and the dentist) which, as it stood, would mean I’d have to travel the 50 miles to Eugene two days in a row. What happened was I had a regular Thurs therapy appointment so I scheduled the dentist on Thurs 4 weeks in advance. But then the therapist realized she couldn’t see me that week on my regular Thurs, but she had a Wed appointment open. I really needed to see her so I basically resigned myself to going the two trips. Then I was inspired to call the dentist on the extremely unlikely chance that I could move that appointment to Wed even though it was less than a week away (it took 4 weeks to get the original appointment). The girl said she couldn’t promise anything but  said she’d make a call to see if another patient would switch appointment days with me. Well it turned out that this exactly what happened, and the appointment time was 3:30 which lined up with my 1:30 Wed therapy appointment. A big snafu between me, the dentist and the therapist, but God worked it out perfectly. It couldn’t have been more perfect if I tried.


Jude lost her cell phone while we were at the beach. She was running all over the beach chasing after her dog and then discovered she didn’t have her cell phone in her pocket. I asked God to forgive her her sin (mistake). We went to the car and the phone was buried in a blanket.


I went to get the mail and realized I didn’t have my keys in my pocket. When I took the leashes off the dogs to put them in the car I didn’t pay attention to where I put the keys when I opened the car door. They could have been dropped outside the car anywhere. But there they were on the floor board.


It rains a lot in Oregon but we have had no rain for at least a month while the house was being built. The roof was finished on Sunday and a day later it began raining again. Blows me away.

I swear, Jerry has a parking spot fairy. He almost never fails to get a good spot no matter how may cars there are in the parking lot. This almost never happens for me.


I lost my keys – AGAIN!!! I asked God to forgive me my sin and they turned up at church again. I’d left them on a table and another member put them aside. How many times will God forgive me? It’s bottomless? It seems He will do it again and again and again. I praise Him!!! and thank Him!


I was going over to my friend’s house who lives in a gated community that changes it’s code every week. When I got there I realized that I had forgotten to get the code for that week. I asked God to forgive me my sin. I immediately saw a car pull in behind me so I got out of my car thinking God was going to give me the code through them. But they didn’t have it. They had just stopped to take care of something in their car. But… as I turned around my jaw dropped open. There the gate was; it had opened all by itself!! And it stayed that way until I got in my car and was able to drive through it.