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The saga of house building continues

I learned a very heavy duty lesson the other day and I thought I’d tell you about it so that maybe some good will come of it. We had a huge scrub pine in our front yard and I wanted to save it but the yard turned out to be so tiny that the tree just didn’t fit so I decided it had to go. This is where it starts to get ‘bad’. I was THINKING and THINKING and THINKING about the tree a few nights ago and came up with a ‘bright idea’. I thought that if I had the excavator pull it out by the roots the roots would take electric and cable lines and water and sewer pipes with it. So I thought to myself “The best thing to do is to just cut it down and not pull it out.” So I TOLD the excavator that that is what I wanted him to do. I didn’t ASK him what HE thought would be the best way to handle the tree. I TOLD him. So he dutifully did what I asked. He cut the thing down. But then – low and behold – I found myself with a stump and a whole passel full of ROOTS dug in, all over my front yard. I should have asked him what he thought the best way to handle the problem would be and not just told him what I wanted. He knows about this stuff – not me. I could have asked him if he thought that pulling it up would take the wires and pipes with it. Yesterday I talked to a stump grinder who told me that 80% of the roots are only a foot down and that the wires and pipes are at least 2 ft with the sewer being 6 – 8 ft down and running along the middle of the street.