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I watched a Ted Talk on why people should have children.

Well I disagree with this vehemently. And here’s why.

Teenage suicide rates have risen by 70% from 2006 to 2015. It’s now the 2nd leading cause of death for the age group 10-34. Why? This man thinks we should have babies so we can retire and live a plush life on their productivity. He thinks we should have them  for use, in the same way a farmer uses plow horses. But these are not horses – they’re human beings and they shouldn’t be created for use and abuse.

He said it costs $40,000 a year in daycare and this I take umption with. I was reading about teen suicide and it was all about getting mental health services and that they aren’t good enough. We do not need more mental health services, we need parents – at least one – at home. These kid-horses are being thrown into daycare – where there’s really no connection to anyone – so the ‘parents’ can ‘get on with their lives’ ? While I understand about women being divorced and are forced to work, there are those ‘parents’ who say they can’t afford to not work. Why are they considering having a child if they can’t afford one in the first place?

Some gruesome people want a kid to cement their marriage. I have news for you. You’re having a human being, not a tube of cement. If you want to cement your marriage together see a councilor. Don’t shoulder your child with the weight of having to be cement.

And don’t rope  your man into having a kid if he doesn’t want to. How mean of you to do that to someone you say you love (?) I think most men do not want to have children but their wives insist on it. If you women want children, marry a man who wants children. No wonder there’s so much divorce and adultery. Wake up women! These poor men are being forced into living lives they do not want because you roped them into it. You’re going to find yourself alone.

And what about these kids you don’t really want to be responsible for? They’re having sex with each other – like animals! – because they have been treated like animals – not human beings. Because you ‘parents’ aren’t there to guide them in how to relate to each other in an adult way.

And for you addicts. If you can’t even be responsible for your own life, why are you trying to take on the responsibility of another’s ? There is such thing as birth control now-a-days. You should avail yourself of it.

In conclusion…

Children should be treated with the awe and wonder they deserve!