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Went to the dentist about my bridge in front that just broke (I got the bridge from breaking a front tooth falling from my bike a couple years ago). When it broke it took the tooth that was holding onto the bridge so now I have 2 broken teeth plus the small tooth on the other side holding the bridge that now needs a crown. It will cost $11,355 for 2 implants and 3 crowns. I’m going in on Wednesday to see how much a partial denture will cost and if the implants or partial denture are breakable. This time I’m going with the strongest one. I was going to get a single implant for my one broken tooth back then but it was going to cost $4500. But now that my bridge broke it’s going to cost way more than that. I wish I’d done the implant now.  I’m also in for a root canal on a back molar that’s infected and that’s going to cost $1600. We’re in the middle of building a house so we need these bills like a hole in the head.