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I got this from my therapist.

She suggested that I put a star on a calendar when I meditated. This got me thinking. I like stickers – all kinds of goofy stickers. I put bunches of them on cards that I give to people; birthday cards, get well cards, etc. In fact I have a notebook with probably 50 page protectors that I keep all my stickers in but it’s in storage right now after we moved.  So I thought “I’m going to get me a bunch of stickers from Amazon”. So I went to Amazon and lo and behold, I found a hundred choices of mass quantities of stickers in every conceivable category. So I bought a couple of bunches. I made a calendar on MS Word with large enough boxes and with huge type to put stickers on and tacked it to my wall – and I’m using it!! Boy! am I using it! So far I haven’t missed a day of meditation and it’s been several weeks. Some days I’ve forgotten during the day but I seem to be looking at that calendar just before I go to bed and see that the day will not get a sticker on it. There will be a ‘hole’ in the calendar – and that just won’t due. So I get my 30 minutes in before I go to sleep. And I have the most beautiful calendar – full of bright, colorful, goofy stickers on it. And I am bound and determined get a sticker on each and every day.

I meditate to solfeggio tones. Here’s one I really like.