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So, in response to my request for shoulder moments. I asked Jerry what he would like from me. Here is what he wrote. We will be reading both our pages every day.

  1. Collaboration between both of us.
  2. Patience from her for Jerry’s physical health issues.
  3. Patience from him for Robin’s mental health issues.
  4. Explain each other’s prospective completely before rebuttal starts.
  5. Allow time for each one of us to respond to the issue at hand.
  6. No personal attacks from each other.
  7. Work towards compromise with each other in decision-making.
  8. Ask for forgiveness rather than being judgmental with each other.
    Keep it to the issue at hand and take responsibility for a mistake.
    (this item is still under discussion)
  9. Honor agreements with each other and re-visit agreements when one
    of us is unable to comply as agreed.
  10. We need to define actual needs from wants that pop up from time to time.
  11. If anyone is making noise between 11 pm and 7 am it is that person’s
    responsibility to go to a separate room and close the door.
  12. Take responsibility for our own actions.
  13. Having a basis of mutual respect in the marriage.

This is pretty complicated for me so I asked him to take the reins and let me know when I cross over a line.

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