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My baptism was ‘not that great’ as it turned out. This is an understatement. Here’s what happened.

I became a Christian in my bedroom, alone, by accident, at 27 years old. The story of my conversion is HERE. Then I was a ‘closet Christian’ for three years before I got with a church. After that, it took another year or so before I got the guts to come forward and ask to be baptized. I knew about baptizim, and I knew you were supposed to get baptized after you became a Christian, right? It’s just something that Christians were supposed to do. You get baptized to declare to the world that you now follow Christ. I had no problem with that. I knew I belonged to Jesus and to God and that I owed my very life to Him.

So the day came. I got dunked. I felt nothing from it really. All went well.

But then there was the day after. All hell broke loose. I got ATTACKED!!!

It felt like demons from hell were after me. I was being tortured. Voices were screaming at me to go buy an oozy (a machine gun) and shoot everyone in church, then take my own life. The pressure to do this was intense and incessant. It went on for weeks. I grappled on to an assistant pastor with both hands because I didn’t know how to handle what was happening to me. It was all I could do not to carry out what was being commanded of me.

I do not believe that this was ‘all in my head’. I believe that I was truly demon possessed as a result of my ‘coming out’ in baptizm and that there is much more to this baptizm then many might realize. Eventually the dust settled and all became quiet again. The demons realized that I was not going to co-operate with their scheme so they left.

My question now is… are there others who have experienced a similar event as a result of being baptized and who scurry away from Christianity because they don’t want to be labeled crazy? Maybe the demons don’t get the ultimate prize of death to a church crowd and the baptized subject but they do get a consolation prize. One less follower of Christ. And no one is the wiser. They say to each other…

What ever happened to so-and-so?   
Didn’t s/he just get baptized recently?