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Once upon a time there was a train. On this train were many passengers coming and going about their business. Some were reading their newspapers; some where furtively ‘people watching’; some where just looking out the windows at the scenery passing by.

Then a man got on the train. A man with his three little kids.

Soon it became apparent that his children were not very well behaved. They ran all over the train car, poking at the riders’ newspapers; stepping on peoples’ toes; screaming and yelling, and chasing each other all around the passenger car. To put it mildly, they were being very disruptive to all the other passengers.

The children’s father wasn’t paying any attention to his children, nor did he try to stop them from their trouble-making antics. In fact, the father was doing nothing but looking out his window – oblivious to all that was going on.

All the riders in the railway car were becoming more and more annoyed and irritated because of this fathers’ unruly children and because of the father’s unwillingness to even make an attempt to calm them down.

Finally, someone got up the nerve to speak to the father.

Sir, you must know that your children are greatly bothering all the other passengers here. Aren’t you
going to even try to settle them down?!”

The father replied;

I’m so sorry. But I just lost my wife to cancer today,
and my children are trying to deal with the idea that
they no longer have a mother.

* * * * *
You have just experienced a ‘Paradigm Shift’.
* * * * *

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