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Among many, many ‘two groups of people’, this is one type….

Smokers & Non-Smokers.

The idea is to jump, for all your worth, from the one group (Smokers) into the other group (Non-Smokers). You need to do this deeply so that both feet are firmly planted into the Non-Smoking group of people.

And never look back again.

This is how I did this – by performing a visualization every time I wanted to smoke.

In your mind, visualize the Non-Smoking group of people all milling around each other… doing life not smoking in spite of whatever they have to face in their lives. This group doesn’t want to smoke… nor need to smoke. They have no desire to smoke no matter what is happening around them. Take a few minutes several times a day and visualize yourself as a member of this group. You are now a non-smoking person, just as they are.

This is a ‘learning’ visualization. You are going to learn… from a Non-Smoker… how to not smoke.

Now pick out and visualize one person… a nameless John Doe… who will represent this group of Non-Smokers. Get ‘inside’ this John Doe so that you can go for a ride with him as he moves through his day. Visualize that you and this John Doe are one… but he’s in charge, and you are going along for the ride of your life. You can read his thoughts and see his actions as he goes about his day. From this vantage point you can see that, no matter what situation he finds himself in, he has no thoughts what-so-ever… of smoking. You will be learning from this John Doe, how to do life without lighting up.

Practice this visualization in each situation that makes you feel like picking up a cigarette. Life situations happen all around you and John Doe that can make you both feel uncomfortable. Let John Doe show you what it’s like to move through the situation and not need to smoke. Then take in the information you glean from him. How does he think and feel? What does he do? How does he handle himself in the situation… to not smoke? Go for this ride with all your heart, soul, and mind. Lean into it as deeply as you can visualize. John Doe will show how not smoking can be accomplished.

If you practice this visualization often, soon it will take only seconds to get into the feelings and thoughts of John Doe… and get the sensation of how to go through the situation you are both in… without resorting to a cigarette.

For instance, suppose you are having a conversation with someone and you get some anxiety about it. Allow a part of your consciousness to get into John Doe while you’re having this conversation. What would John Doe – the non-smoker – do? Learn from him what he does and thinks to cope with the anxiety of the situation without going to a cigarette for help. Then… do… and think… as he would think and do. Would he breath more deeply in order to relax a bit? Or cross his hands in front of him as he conversed? Or would he try to think another way about the person he was talking to? Or would he decide to try to think differently about himself or the situation? What would be different about the way John Doe would handle himself than you would?

There can be a little discomfort in the beginning as you take the leap into the non-smoking group and learn these new ways of coping with life, but as you continue to jump with both feet into your John Doe, that discomfort will soon be left behind.

This is my experience and it made quitting easy. John Doe can get through each day… each situation…without smoking… and so you can too.