Well I’ve been free of flour/sugar products for 1½ years and cigarettes for 1 year and I haven’t lost any weight at all. It’s been very discouraging to say the least but I think the tide is finally turning regarding the weight.

I had a spiritual experience about 5 days ago. About losing this weight. It went something like this.

God: You know how to lose this weight Robin

Robin: How?

God: You know how

Robin: No I don’t

God: Yes you do. You’ve done it two times before the exact same way with complete success. In the exact same way.


40 min. a day on your elliptical.
Watch your fat intake.

You did it two times before this. One time just before you left for Santa Cruz. And one time while you were in Weight Watchers. It worked like a charm back then and there’s no reason why it won’t work again this time. So… if you really do want to lose this weight… why don’t you…


I’ve been exercising 40 minutes a day since then. Two 20 minute stints twice a day.

I’m having no resentments against doing this exercise because I know I will lose the weight this way. God is right. If I want to lose the weight, I have to do it. I did experience losing the weight this way two times before. I really do want to lose the weight. I don’t have any resentment doing the exercise now. I used to have big resentment at doing even 10 minutes but for some reason all the resentment about it has disappeared so that doing 40 minutes on the elliptical is a piece of cake. Interesting. It’s because I’m chock full of hope this time. I’m convinced the all exercise will be worth the effort I put into it. Because God said so. And I believe Him.