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Love is an archetype here on earth of what is happening in the heaven-lies.

Many people try to define the term Love, yet no matter how they try to define it, it somehow seems to be indefinable. I believe this is because Love is not a thing to be grasped. This is not a ‘something’ but in reality only occurs in the absence of something else.

This is what I believe about this ‘thing’ people try to describe… as Love.

Between two persons who are ‘in Love’, or between a person and anything that is Loved, there is absolutely no judgement. True? The Lover sees the Loved as perfect. It is only then, in the midst of this complete lack of judgment between the Lover and the Loved, and of seeing, through a misty haze, this perfection… that Love appears. Like a lightly whirling thread of smoke… out of the gentle vaporous cloud of unconditional non-judgment… Love… all by itself… quietly… materializes.

Through the suspension of all judgement, a joining thread of Love is formed.

The heaven-lies recognize each thing as the perfection that it is, and this recognition of perfection flowers into a fullness of what I see as a… joining. Everything is bound together in the heaven-lies. This binding… this joining… this cohesion… is achieved through the formed wisps of thread. What we call  – Love.

Each and every one and each and every thing in the heaven-lies is joined together with each and every other one and thing, by means of these threads of Love. Love, created through the act of non-judgementalness in the heaven-lies, and in the ability to see perfection there, are actually wisps of cohesive thread.

I believe this is what Love is. It is what materializes in the haze of complete lack of judgement – full acceptance of every quality of the love object. Love is formed, binding the the Lover and the Loved together.

And all humans love Love, because, as we experience this cohering thread here on earth, we deeply recognize… in our heavenly spirits… what is happening in the heaven-lies themselves. Love is a heavenly archetype here on our earth. Everything joined to everything else in non-judgementalness. Because this is the way it is in the heaven-lies, so too is the way it should be… here on earth.

And this is perfect life.