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Up to the age of 27, I had never encountered what people call… Love. My parents didn’t know about it, nor could they recognize it either. In fact, they came to the conclusion that there was no such thing as Love. There was no Love in my childhood and when I became an adult, I was savage enough that, even if I did happen to come across it, I wouldn’t have recognized it if it had come and kissed me on the cheek. I ran away from any kind of closeness others might have wanted with me. By the time I was adult age, the only feeling I had for others was… fear… even terror.

I survived on alcoholic (sugar/flour) foods and alcohol. Until I was 27, these were the only sources of warmth I ever knew. They took the place of Love. It was only because of these two substances that I was able to survive my growing up years.

Then, at 25 years old, I got sober. No more alcohol. Now there was only it’s poor cousin.. alcoholic foods… to help me cope with the stresses of life and loneliness. But at 27, two years sober, I totally ran out of coping ability – even with the food. The alcoholic foods weren’t strong enough to take the place of the alcohol and I ran out of answers. Alcoholics Anonymous couldn’t help me overcome the stress of sobriety anymore, and neither could my AA sponsor. No one was able to help me. The stress and pain put my back up against a wall.

I was hurting like hell.

But hurting was the best place to be, as I later found out. Because the pain cracked my brain. I couldn’t get away from it. My brain cracked inside from the pain I was in so that I became willing to turn to anything (but alcohol) for answers. And, when the willingness that the pain produced cracked my closed mind open, that was when Love was able to swoop in and rescue me. For the first time in my life, I encountered this ‘thing’ you people call… Love.

I don’t think many other people in this world see Love the way I do. When it charged into my life, it blew my socks off. This is what I got from my encounter with it 32 years ago, and it is still the way I view it today. And so, for me, this is what Love seems to be…

Love is a solid substance and a unifying force. It is physical – like a tube of actual, physical glue that God uses to hold His universe together. It’s not ethereal like many people I think define it. It’s actually a solid substance. It’s warm, healing, physical material stuff, that when applied to anything it touches, glues that separated part back to the rest of the living, thriving, healthy universal body again. It draws the separated dieing part back into the whole… that is… our living, thriving, health-filled God – the source of all life. It’s part of our spiritual, dimensional plain, but it’s so physical that, when I believe in it’s presence, I can almost touch it. Like touching a soap bubble, it’s very light and wispy, but if you decide to believe that it exists, it will show itself to you. Slightly more solid than a vapor, it’s there; and it’s physical enough to mentally… touch. I know. Because I have touched it many times in the course of my emotional/mental healing. It’s a wondrous thing to behold.

This sounds weird doesn’t it?

Oh well. This is my experience with it.

When I finally encountered it, this is when my psychic healing began. The healing has been slow and steady, but when I look back to when I first received it, the healing is distinctly noticeable. I am not anywhere near the person I was 32 years ago. I’ve been healed a great deal since that first encounter. If you knew me back then, you wouldn’t be able to recognize me today. This warm balm of Love has healed me that much. As it slowly glues me back to the whole, I can see myself becoming a solidly healthy individual.

So how does one get this Love?

As I look back, this is how we ran into each other. The beginning began when I stopped practicing my primary addiction… alcohol. Then, two years later, in complete agony and totally by accident, my mind became open to the possibility of Jesus Christ being God. Sounds hokey doesn’t it? But what’s even more hokey? I was an atheist at the time. This is how much pain I was in. I became willing to leap the chasm between Atheist and Christian.

This is the only way I know of to receive the Love I’m talking about. Letting Jesus into your life and mind. Accepting Him just as He is… a loving friend. When I gave Him entrance into my mind, He bounded in and brought this Love… this healing balm… this glue… with Him. There may be other ways to get this kind of Love, but I only know how I got it. This is how I accidentally discovered Love’s existence, and with time, it’s physicality… and it’s power to heal.