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Through my reading about the Introject, I came to understand that positive Introjects arise from mature caretakers. However, the destructive type can sound like the voice of authority, but really, it is essentially immature as it arises from immature and frightened authorities who are by the way, are also tormented by their own destructive immature Introjects. This destructive Introject business is passed down through generations and through contact with almost all messed up people. In my own personal experience, I’ve found that the Introject entity can be extremely contagious.

Because of all the fear and/or pain, this destructive-type of Introject can be very ‘loud’ which makes it appear to be like the voice of authority. But in fact, it is operating from the perspective of a small and frightened child-like character. It’s not that scary. It’s really only like a child… with a mega-phone. Many of these Introjects have been trying, in their own skewed way to protect themselves, and the rest of me, from being hurt by outside forces. This is true most of the time, but not always, as in cases of molestation (which I have no experience with to talk about). I have not investigated the M.O.’s behind the actions of these type of destructive Introjects. However, be assured, I will be doing that before my life is over. These Introjects totally fascinate me!

The bottom line though, is that it is greatly important to understand that there is ~skewedness~ going on in the Introject. Keeping a stance of blame and hate at bay, is essential to being able to work with them. As I’ve studied the essence of this type from a scientific viewpoint. I know it is greatly skewed, but again, and I can not stress this enough… Introjects… are not the abusers themselves, they are a reflection of only their voices inside us. A shadow, a parrot, a disembodied voice, and I’ve come to see that, when handled correctly, these immature Introjects in ourselves are showing themselves to be very interesting creatures, even drawing out empathy in me for their stress and pain. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But, somewhere in my recovery process I actually did come to a place of compassion for mine. It’s weird, I know, but when you get to where I’m standing, you will most likely feel this same way.

Keep reading. I still haven’t yet described
how I’ve learned to handle mine without running from it.

(ps – there’s no monetary cost for this – it’s just something I want to share with people.)

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