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There are a myriad of substances and obsessions people use in this world to soothe and comfort themselves. Some of these are particularly hard to label or put a finger on (for example: one’s children). I believe almost everyone of us on this planet runs to an earthly substance or obsession to help us cope with the problems we face. Not everyone, but I would say 95% of us.

Some of these addictions and obsessions can not be totally eliminated, but they must be reeled in (not an easy task by any means) and so be practiced – in moderation. This can also be very difficult and painful, and usually involves the need for outside help, but my experience is that it must be done for healing to take place. As for dissociating, anxiety and/or panic? My own personal experiences with these two issues are that, as you begin to practice what I will talk about at the end of this set of posts (specifically – Part 12), these things will slowly resolve themselves on their own. They will be eased out of your life without any other type of effort on your part.

So… Removing the substance, alcohol, was the beginning of my journey. Then, this last year, one-by-one, with the help of several other 12 Step programs and additional therapy, I began (again, with much help) powering through all my other addictions and obsessions. One-by-one I took them on… alcoholic foods… cigarettes… caffeine… an obsession for suicide, among quite a few others. You can read the entire list of what I have given up (or am now only entertaining in moderation) here:

Addictions & Obsession I No Longer Practice

I wasn’t aware of the deep inner healing that would evolve from this.

Removing all my other addictions started in August of last year (2013) when my Higher Power decided it was time to put down my alcoholic foods. These are the foods I was ‘using’ to get high on in place of the alcohol. I had been using these foods practically since the day I got sober in 1980. My alcoholic foods – those foods particular to my physiology, that get me high – are the sugar/flour combination foods; cake, cookies, pies, donuts, dessert breads, muffins, pastries and the like. Because of the way my physiology works, I actually got a low-level high so that all my problems would magically ( but temporarily) disappear, They didn’t work as well as the alcohol did, but I could get back a little bit of the old nirvana when I ingested them. Cigarettes, as well as all my other obsessions and co-dependency – the same.

So why would I ever do such a thing; remove all these other addictions and obsessions from my life?

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