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I’ve been doing a lot of extensive research on the destructive-type of Introject and discovered that I have an extremely destructive Introject of my father in me. What’s more, I have no positive Introjects in my childhood to balance out the forceful influence this crazed, destructive Introject wielded over me… None… I am an extreme example. I really should have died long ago; squashed flat under all my Introjects’ gigantically destructive weight.

There’s a lot of pain from extreme shame, self-hatred, terror, and continuous anxiety, coming out of having an Introject that is destructive. If a person has this type of tumultuous inner Introject, it’s usually more than they can handle, so they run from it through addictions, obsessions, co-dependency, dissociation, negative rumination. They can also suffer with constant anxiety, and/or panic attacks. There may be other avenues of running and suffering because of these destructive Introjects, but I don’t know of anything other than these.

But don’t worry. All is not lost.
This problem can be remedied…
but in a very different way
then you might think.

* * *

A.A. has a saying…

Uncover; Discover; Discard

I know a negative Introject can be handled successfully, but I do not think it can be handled successfully in this way. The relationship with an Introject is that of an authority/child balance of power so I think it’s an impossibility to remove any Introject’s voice since it has enough strength to easily overpower the small and weak Child-Part of the personality. Additionally, they were deeply imbedded in you during your formative years so they are there forever. Furthermore, a destructive Introject will stunt the growth of the Adult-Part of you (I can explain how, but that is for another post). As a result, this essential Adult-Part can be so severely stunted that it becomes virtually impotent as a counter-acting force to the negativity.

Here is the first step I unknowingly took to handle my father-Introject.

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