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I’m using this Spiritually-Connected-Adult (which I have been enlarging and developing through many unconditional, loving interactions with my Higher Power) in a relaxed, subliminal, low-level, ~get out of the way~ kind of meditation all day long. Whatever I’m doing… I’m at the same time (or between times, if you’re not a multi-tasker **) … keeping this Spiritually-Connected-Adult-Part of me secluded… out of the world’s view. This is a completely private process between me, my Introjects, and my God. No one else can in any way be involved.

I purposely do this as a solo process so as not to fall back into the obsessive behavior that is co-dependency. ( More About Co-Dependency ) . I have been writing it out here on my blog however, but I am remaining completely anonymous as I write about each new development as it comes along. This seems to be enough to keep my co-dependency obsession at bay.

My focus is, (with as much vivid detail as my imagination will allow), to continually give God entrance into the deepest part of me, then ~with complete trust ~ letting go of all control ~ I beckon God in, then mentally sit and watch Him do His work with my Introjects. And His work is this: like a mother with her infant child, He soothes, caresses, cuddles, and calms my Introjects… in my place! There’s a strong, palpable feeling of relaxation if the process of actively letting go is being done correctly. You will know you’re doing it right by sensing extreme physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Everything inside should be as calm as a smooth, glassy sea. Letting Go means… Relaxation. All day long, I stay very conscious about doing the work of getting out of the way and letting my God in. My hope is that eventually, through constant practice, it will become, like driving a car, second-nature to me – as my natural bent.++

Do not be overcome by evil,
but overcome evil with good.

Romans 12:21
* * *
I’m feeling HAPPY!! I mean, really, really happy!
And there’s an unexplainable sensation of
Deep Inner Peace… To My Soul.
I can’t describe this.
It’s a fantastic feeling!


* * *

** In today’s sermon my pastor mentioned ‘multi-taskers’. If you are one of these types, you will understand and have the ability to work with the Introject in the manner I’ve described above. If you are not able to multi-task, then you can still do this exercise by alternating your attention between your daily worldly tasks, and this one I’ve described above. Do your best to make the ‘mental switch’ as often as you can remember to throughout the day… especially when you are waiting for something like: your turn at the check-out stand or at the bank; a red light on the road; being put on hold on the phone; sitting in a car waiting for your passenger to come back; being a passenger in a car; etc… Also, if possible, you might want to set aside a small amount of ‘down time’ several times a day, to just sit and do this low-level, relaxed-type of visualization exercise uninterrupted.

++ It’s only been a couple of weeks of doing this practice now, and, as I go about my day, I’m finding that I’m already having a sensation of being in a state of natural and deep relaxation… without have to work at it consciously. It’s becoming a natural way of ‘being’. It’s truly lovely to live this way. I’m enjoying myself, and life… immensely. I can’t begin to describe what it’s like. If you would like to know more, go back and re-read this post: The Peace of God I really do think I might be near the end of my journey to wellness. I’m not completely sure, but might this be ‘it’?

* * *

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