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And, I believe most adults severely abused as children, are also in the same boat as I was when it came to the concept of Love.

As you may recall, earlier I talked about destructive Introjects stunting the Adult-Part of me. The Loving aspect I’ve received from the interactions that happened between me and this particular God, has slowly developed a latent, serene, Spiritually-Connected-Adult-Part in me. Developing this Spiritual Adult is one half of the crucial ingredients necessary to carrying out the last action in this formula I’ve been using for healing. Receiving this type of unconditional Love from a Higher Power is crucial to this process. The Love of people (including the love from professional therapists) is just… not… powerful… enough; not unconditional enough… not patient enough… not anything ‘enough’ to develop the Adult level needed to heal. Without a spiritual source of super-powerful Love… from any God who can provide it… this particular avenue of healing simply can not be accomplished. When it comes down to it – when push comes to shove – it is the connection to… and the application of… this ~Love~ from the spiritual dimension, that will permanently heal a person from the effects of child abuse.

Now here’s the clincher.
This is what made it all come together,
and tied with a neat little bow.

Here is where the magic begins. You may not understand this magic however, unless you decide to work through all the previous steps for yourself:

….. Gaining an understanding of the Introject.

….. Developing and increasing your Spirit-Connected-Adult though unconditional loving interaction with a Higher Power.

….. While at the same time, slowly removing, one-by-one, all your addictions and obsessions.

From my own experience working through these steps, the end result can be seen as nothing short of amazing.

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