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 (the first post in this series is here:  On Being a Social Outcast  )

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More on my… ~no-addictions~ … ~no-obsessions~ … adventure.

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Hi guys!

I just have to tell you about what happened to me a couple days ago. I’m so excited I’m busting a gut! It’s very short, but here’s the story…

I and my husband were helping a church friend move her stuff to a new apartment. All went well with no mishaps. Smooth as silk. Then all five cars caravaned from her storage unit to her old apartment. Still smooth. No problems. I was feeling pretty good about the whole ‘helping out’ thing.

But then, when we got to her old apartment, something happened that would have caught me completely off guard. But it didn’t!! And I Didn’t!!

This is what happened…

I was the last car in the caravan so when I got to her old place everyone was parked and there didn’t seem to be any place for me to park my car. Then I saw a tiny little spot across the street between two driveways. So I drove over there and attempted to squeeze in.

But I just wasn’t ~comfortable~ with that spot. It just seemed too small for my station wagon.

Then she said it…

Oh, That’s ok.
You’re fine to park there.
I park there all the time.

So, what would the ~old me~ have done before? Left my frig-gin’ car in that too-small-of-a-spot…. because… I Was Told To!! This was my old M.O…. To do what I’m told.

But I didn’t !!!!!…  I didn’t !!!… I didn’t !!!

I said… right out loud…

I don’t wanna’ do that!

Then… she even started to argue with me!!explaining to me how it would be ok to stay there.

But I told her again…. and again… and again…


I don’t wanna’ do that!
I don’t wanna’ do that!
I don’t wanna’ do that!

Then, she finally heard me…and she understood… I meant business!! I was taking care of myself… and her… be damned!!!   And she shut up.

Man!!! Did that feel goooooddddd!!

Then her friend told me I could park bumper to bumper behind her car… which is exactly what I did.

Maybe this doesn’t make sense to you (?) But this is ONE BIG DEAL!!

This is a first for me. For one, the smoothness of the move caught me off guard. But then, two, the words that came out of my mouth anyway… came out like I’d been doing it … all… my… life!! They came out of me as naturally as breathing.

WOW!!! This ~no addictions~  and  ~no obsessions~  experiment sure does seem to be reeling in some vast, vast rewards. More than I could have ever comprehended. I mean… who woulda’ thought…?! If this is what can happen as a result of no addicting or obsessing, then I never, want to addict or obsess… about anything… ever again.

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