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Hi Pastor D & K,   (both of them are therapists)

(sorry this is so long – I couldn’t make it any shorter and still say what I needed to say).

I’ve been out in the field with God for a long time, but have taken many long, long  ‘breaks’ (through various addictions) from my studies. Though I’ve been freed from alcohol obsession for 34 years, I’ve been substituting many other secondary addictions to take it’s place. I could not stop these other addictions myself, so I’ve been praying, for all my sober 34 years, to have these other addictions removed. With all my heart, I’ve wanted “No other gods before God”.

Then, last year, God finally granted my request. One by one, He’s freed me from all these other addictions. I’ve been spending serious time this past year, out in the field with God, and in that time, little by little, He’s been teaching me a heck of a lot about what’s wrong with me and, specifically, what needs to be done for my restoration. God’s been doing His part, but He’s also been teaching me a lot about the role I have to play, in the facilitation of my own recovery.

Working full-time with God has been one heck of a trip this last year, and I’d like to share some of it with you if you have the time. I think it would be worth it to read the posts I’ve written on my blog. There are a number of posts so it will take a bit of time to read through them all. However, as therapists, you might find them useful so to get an inside view of what might happen in the process of someone who is working themselves out of addiction. Mine is an extreme case, but this is also proof that, in the power of Christ, recovery is possible. Here’s a link to the first post of the series. At the bottom of each post is a link to the next post.

On Being A Social Outcast

Pastor D
Because I didn’t have time to finish our conversation last night, I want to talk with you some more about the Bible and what I believe it’s place is in a Christian’s life. These are just my own opinions, from my own experiences, so please take them or leave them, as you wish. If you want to rebut my conclusions, I’d be glad to hear them from your own point of view.

I do not want you to think I’m disparaging the Bible in any way, nor in it’s power in a Christian’s life. I became saved and a child of God directly through the words I received from that book. His word is very powerful and helpful. But I don’t think it contains all the information we need in order to become, from a twisted soul, into a whole and mentally sound person. The working bones of our faith comes from the Bible, but the whole of what we need to know has to come from God’s own voice. Jesus said “My sheep know my voice”. He didn’t say “My sheep know my book.”

Each one of us has a unique set of fingerprints, and in the same way, we each have a unique and complex set of problems too. Because of the uniqueness and complexity of these problems, the soul surgery we each need to become whole, has to be equally unique and complex. But this amount of detail and complexity could not possibly come from His book alone. If it were to contain all that information, it’s pages would need to fill the whole world – and more. This is why I don’t think people should be looking for all their answers from the Bible alone.

God chose to give us the Bible, but He also chose to give us free will so He won’t force us read it. We have to voluntarily pick up the Book. In the same way, we must voluntarily participate in our own surgical re-making. We must learn the details of what needs to be done to us, directly from Him and not just from the Bible. Surgeons-in-training learn the bones of how to do surgery from a book, but they must learn the intricacies and extensive complexities involved in doing many types of surgery directly from a master surgeon. In the same way, we also must learn the intricate complexities of the surgery needed on our souls, directly from our Master Surgeon.

Paul didn’t get all the details he shared with others, from the Bible. He got them through direct revelation.

Moses got his marching orders directly from God at the burning bush, getting his people out of Egypt, on Mount Sinai, and throughout the Israelites journey in the wilderness.

Noah got his instructions directly from God about what was going to happen and how to build the ark.

David gave his heart directly to God and received much heart-felt joy in return.

And Solomon got all the instructions on how to build the temple directly from God Himself. He also received much, much wisdom directly from God. None of this wisdom came from the Bible up to that point.

After they received the Holy Spirit, the 12 apostles became so powerful a force that thousands upon thousands of people became saved through them. These converts were so deeply affected by the apostles that many of them never turned from their faith, even though they were being subjected to torture and torn apart by lions At that time, there was no New Testament to lead them. What must the apostles have understood and said that was so convicting? The messages they carried to new converts had to have come directly through the Holy Spirit to promote this amount of conviction.

All the Prophets spoke out what they received directly from the mouth of God and much of the Old Testament is a relating of their testimonies as to what God directly related to them.

In conclusion, it is my belief that spending all our ‘God-time’ scouring the Bible alone for all our answers, can actually interfere in our search for recovery. It’s like trying to find all the answers to doctoring from a book. A good quantity of time must be spent ‘out in the field’ – asking Him questions and listening to His answers. I do this by writing ‘dialogue’ on paper, or just simply by putting my questions out there into ‘the other dimension’ where God lives, then listening for His voice from that dimension. And, by the way, because I’ve been doing this so long, I have learned how to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit (it’s tone and timber) as opposed to my own thoughts, or the voice of Satan.

This is how I’ve been walking with God, especially lately now that I’m in no-addiction mode. I’m free-falling and I don’t have even one inch of control in this process. I don’t have my bearings nor know the way to terra-firma. So right now, I’m all ears.

love to you both,


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