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Words are portals between visible and invisible worlds. The words of the Bible act as portals connecting the spirit mind of the Lord God… through this visible world… to my own spirit mind. That’s why every jot and tittle of each word is so important.


I have to tell you this! Something spectacular happened this afternoon that I am splitting over. Jerry and I were reading the bible together (we’ve been doing this for several months now, on and off) when this hit me.

The Words in the Bible act as portals leading directly from the glorious spirit-mind of the Exalted, to this small, little, visible world, and then to our own small spirit-minds. These words are a sacred wormhole leading directly to the other side. You probably already know this, but to me this is totally new. I hope I can explain it… what I got.

So God… from His very own phenomenally huge mind, reached down to our miniscule, physical  world and put physical words onto physical paper, so that we, through our physical senses, could take a peek directly into His fantastic mind! Our eyes can see the material book with the material words on it, and our hands can feel the book and the pages with the words on them.

But these words are sent to us directly from the most lofty of worlds. They are translated, via ink lettering on physical paper, so that they can be read and understood in our tiny, little, physical world. Words are seen and unseen both at the same time. They… transcend… in that they create concepts in a physical  way that we pick up as invisible  thoughts in our minds. It’s spooky … but it makes me really thirst for more of these incredible words transmitted from the greatest of all unseen minds… that of God. Whoa!

I don’t think I did myself justice with these words I just wrote to you… but I did the best I could translating an unseen concept coming from my mind … into these physical words which I am sending to you… and which you can re-translate into an unseen  concept in your mind, hopefully without the translation getting lost in the process.

Words are wild… Words are holy, because of their ability to transcend…  from the invisible… to the visible… then back to the invisible again. Yet the words in the Bible are written from our unseen God’s own monstrously huge mind! These words are the most holy of all there could ever be on this planet, because these words are a written transcript of visibly transported information sent to us directly from the unfathomably huge mind of God.

Isn’t it our privilege to get a look-see into Him who has the most Wisdom there could ever be?… to be allowed to peer into the Heart of the Exalted?… to peek into the Realm of the Most High?… the One who knows all there is to know in this endless universe?


I have been absolutely frustrated trying to read various versions of the Bible that I couldn’t ‘get’ because the words are staggered and the phraseology so archaic to me. It’s been enormously frustrating. I knew there was something to the holy book but I couldn’t decipher it so as to glean, from the words presented, impressions that I could understand in my spirit. This has been the frustration all along!  But since I got this NLT (New Living Translation), I’ve been devouring it! I can’t get enough of all the  deep-spirited words streaming down from the mind of the Great Exalted Creator… to little me…. to little us.