This post might seem very odd to some people, in fact to a lot of people I suspect. I’m pretty sure that most of you have no trouble in this regard. In fact it probably will seem obvious to many of you. But for me it was a revelation.

First of all, I have to tell you that I am in the middle of working toward having no addictions… no addictions what-so-ever. So, in the process of working toward this end, I had a wonderful ah-hah moment as I walked my puppies today. 

What has been making me ultra-focus on anything I can? What is pushing… pushing… pushing me to use all kinds of substances; alcohol, food, caffeine, and a bunch of other things? I know it’s because I’m fighting something. I’m running… running… running… from something with all this using and ultra-focusing on everything and anything I can get my hands on.

Then it came to me and I had this huge ah-hah moment.

The ah-hah moment began: I’m running and fighting against my dirty bathroom!  (a symbol of my dirty environment). I countered it with…

It’s not so horrible that you have to hate it, is it? Why is that so horrible? It’s just a dirty bathroom that needs to be cleaned up. It’s not so horrible as that.

But then I started to see something in the bathroom and the ah-hah moment began to really take off. I suddenly saw my bathroom as becoming like a living, breathing ‘thing’, and it started talking to me;

 I’m so dirty! I need help! I can’t clean myself but I’m so dirty and I hate myself because of my dirtiness!! Please!! Won’t you clean me? Please, please!!

I suddenly found myself with a huge outpouring of love  toward my poor, dirty bathroom. It began taking the form of a living, breathing powerless baby who depended on the care of others for it’s survival.

The ah-hah continued. It was about the idea of loving things.

If God is love… and love heals and helps all things… and I have a deep and profound connection to God… then I have a bottomless supply of this healing love to give to the world. There’s plenty, plenty, plenty of this God-love in me to go around, so there’s plenty of love in me to give to my my poor, helpless, dirty bathroom. I have plenty of this love from my God to bring my bathroom back to shiny cleanness.

No fighting it, no running from it’s sad, sorry, and helpless state. I know I’m easily able to love it back to bright, shiny cleanness!

The fight left. All the running left me as I made the decision to put some love-help into that helpless thing. I decided to go and pour out some love into my poor bathroom.

So I’m going on a love errand. With love in hand… here I go.

This love stuff is so powerful to healing, isn’t it?

Talk to you later.