Lately I’ve been having a tough time with my junk food abstinence. I’ve been going to see a therapist about it for a month or so. During our last session she came up with a pretty good idea about what was wrong with me. She said…

Maybe your little girl feels like she’s being punished. But she knows she didn’t do anything to deserve having her comfort food taken away from her.

So she had me write up a little sign about that. I put it in a frame and set it on my kitchen counter. I’ve been reading it every time I go into the kitchen for something to eat. And you know? It’s really, really helping! The food cravings have started in subside.

Here is the sign…

Little Robin

Sweetheart, it’s going to be ok.

You didn’t do anything wrong sweetie.

Dear heart, this isn’t a punishment.

I’m so sorry I taught you the wrong
way about eating and food before this.

But now we’re going to learn a
better way to have a  gentle and loving relationship with our food.

Breathe and exhale all resistance.
Listen to what Little Robin has to say about the food.

*  *  *

My next post will be about what Little Robin has to say about the food.