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How I Turned Out After All This

Because my parents were pretty ‘out there’ as far as religion was concerned, I have a very spotty religious internal background. My parents took us to the Unitarian church until I and my sister were about eight years old and my brother was four. Then this most liberal of protestant churches kicked us out. As I have talked about earlier, my parents had a very warped view on the spiritual, or religious, aspects of living.

My exposure to God came from childhood necessity. Because it was so very bad for me growing up, I was kind of forced to pray for help. I guess I had heard of a God of sorts because I was praying to one with all my might… for rescue. But no rescue came. Because of this, my faith in prayer went down the drain and, even though today I know I am a Christian(I became a Christian in 1982*) I still have little faith in prayer. Why wouldn’t this all powerful God not rescue me from such a dire situation as I was in? I don’t think these prayers I prayed were off base. I believe I had a real need that should have been taken care of. But my God, who I believe loves me for all He’s worth, for some strange reason… left me in the dust.

However, I need to say that He is slowly healing me from all I went through. I am not the lonely soul I used to be when I left the home of my childhood.

*  *   *

“Then I will restore to you the years
That the swarming locusts have eaten.”

Joel 2:25

*  *  *

~~ Peace and all feloreaw to our heavenly God and Father~~


* Here is “My Testimonyof how I came to believe.

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