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Hello… and thank you for stopping by.

Mine has been a tough life. I am not sure why it had to be that way, but it has been tough since the beginning. There are many things I deal with; Complex PTSD and DID from some extreme child abuse, schizo-affective disorder, alcoholism, suicide obsession, ulcerative colitis, constant anxiety, and a junk food obsession which is what I am working on with God right now.

But there is recovery too. In many ways I am no longer the lonely soul I used to be. I am a long way from being recovered from all I went through, and am going through, but I am definitely a far, far, far way from who I was. I am a re-born Christian and God has been working with me for the last thirty-one of my fifty-nine years. I am not where I used to be when I first met Jesus alone in my bedroom.

I am maintaining my anonymity so that I will not have to edit out all the ugly parts of my life anymore. So that I am free to write with as much honesty as I can afford.


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