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This is a ‘book review’. I know… many of you will just pass it by because of this being a review, but I promise that if you stick around, you will be amazed.

My experience thoroughly corroborates what the author says in this book. Before I became a Christian I was completely unable to withstand the pull alcohol had on me. With only my soul to fight it, I was in a loosing battle. Then when I accepted Christ, suddenly (and I mean suddenly) I was able to withstand  alcohol’s pull. I could actually sense this strange happening occur inside me. It was a phenomenal experience that I have never before been able to understand. Suddenly I was withstanding the pull alcohol had on me and I have been able to stay completely and absolutely sober for the last 33 years.

There have been many occurrences that I have unknowingly been a party to. I didn’t know the ‘why’ of them before, but now, through this book, I can see what happened to me… as clear as glass.

*  *  *

Do you like to read Christian How-To books? Have you ever heard of the book by Nancy Missler (wife of Chuck Missler) called The Way of Agape?


What she writes about in this book is that when a person becomes a believer in Jesus Christ, they actually receive a brand-spanking-new-Heart for ever and ever. The believer’s heart is no longer made of stone as it was before. Just like the Bible says in Ezekiel 11:19 and 26:36, God has replaced it with brand new, soft, precious… flesh… wherein He takes up residence. My Heart and body become a temple wherein He resides for ever and ever… forever.

The new believer also receives a brand-spanking-new-Spirit (the Holy Spirit) that they didn’t have before this, which acts as a God-generator for keeping this brand new God-filled-Heart-of-flesh going strong.

This book opened up a whole new realm of possibilities about what I am capable of. I now have this new Spirit and Heart accompanying my once-lonely human soul. With only a soul for power… I was a goner in this world. I was suicidal. I would not have lasted much longer.

This book really has been a God-send to me. It’s made things very clear regarding the power and wisdom I now have, as a believer … if I will take advantage of what God has offered me… if I will let Jesus do His work in the world… through this brand new Heart and Spirit He has implanted in me.

There are many other things she explains too about how to remain an ‘open-vessel’ for God to do His work through my brand-new Heart and Spirit…  full of His Wisdom, Power, and Strength. Through Him; through this brand-spanking-new Heart and Spirit, I have the power to do so much more than I ever thought I was capable of doing… and thinking… and feeling.