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This pertains to Journal entry # 4.

About a week ago, I got some very interesting help with the projection I did during the Womans Weekend for my church.

(see entry #4). I was talking about it during a group therapy session and during the session I acted out what I was feeling inside. My little girl (I call her Little Girl) was jumping around, eyes tight shut, flailing her arms and legs. I demonstrated to the group, her experience of being absolutely terrified. The therapist, who is quite a spiritual person, said a prayer to herself (she told us this later) and was given an answer to do some psycho-drama with me enlisting the other members of the group to help. She had me stand up in the middle of the room while they formed a circle around me. I stood there with my head bent down and my hands over my eyes. Then, very slowly, they moved to the left six steps, then to the right six steps, then back to the left again. All the while they whispered positive words to me Love Peace Faith Safetymoving to the left and to the right. For some reason this got into my deepest most inner places where Little Girl lives. I calmed down tremendously and have been pretty calm about it since then.