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I’ve been reading a book on Theophostic Prayer Ministry. Very interesting. Has anyone else heard about this type of therapy? As I was reading it, I noticed that it resonated with my own story. I have experienced more than several spontaneous (prayer induced) healings in my life that resulted in permanent heart-changing views about… who I was… what life was about… what I could overcome… and many other things.

This Christian type counseling involves the person taking a current situation they are heavily reacting to and following the emotion back into the past, to the original event, where they have felt the same type of strong emotion. The pastoral counselor walks through the original event with the person all the while praying for God to do a healing in their lives. In many of the cases, the counseled person receives contact from God / Holy Spirit / Jesus who is able to talk to the person in a deep deep way so as to change their heart’s view of what happened to them… in a way that only God can, using His super-natural power, wisdom, and love.

In this type of counseling, it doesn’t matter so much about what happened to them during the original event, but about what false messages they got that they are still carrying about themselves… others… and life… because of going through it.

Many people who have been through heinous abuse might not see that healing could happen with this view in mind, but it makes a lot of sense to me. It wasn’t how much my father abused me, but that I came out of my relationship with him feeling utterly shameful about who I was as a person, as well as numerous other negative self-views. I thought of myself as (and was told I was) a hideous person, and that is why he had to do those things to me.

In reality though… in Gods eyes… I am not a hideous person at all, but a daughter of the Creator of the entire universe. A daughter of the King. A priceless ruby of incalculable value. Although I have had many deep, spiritual healings in many ways, I still need to have healing in this area and I am really thinking about trying out Theophostic Prayer Ministry for this. I know… in my mind… that I am not hideous but deep in my heart I am still not convinced. From my personal experience I believe I need God’s power to have my heart changed about this so that my entire self is changed… permanently. And it is only through God’s power that this can be accomplished.

NOTE: This is not a paid endorsement. I am not receiving any monetary compensation for talking about this. I just though it a very interesting concept and one that resonated with me a lot.

Here is a link that talks about Theophostic Prayer Ministry.