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This information is from a non-medical person so please take it as such, having this in mind.

I have told many personal friends who have difficulty with abstinence about this but no one yet has taken me seriously. This is why I am putting out this information. I want to tell other abstainers about this substance that has been doing miraculous things with my junk food cravings.

I am abstaining from all white flour/sugar combination foods. These type of ‘foods’ (that are really drugs and not foods) spell emotional doom for me. When I’m consuming this type of food, it takes everything from my life… my emotional balance, my self-respect, my self-love, my ability to connect with others. Eating these foods gives me; self-loathing, a sense of being totally overwhelmed by life, feeling incapable of doing anything, and isolation from the world.

Yet, with all this horror show I receive from eating this junk… I kept eating it!


Then a friend of mine; a girl with over thirty years abstinent told me about this substance. It’s called 5-HTP. When taken in combination with B-6 it produces serotonin in the gut. White flour produces serotonin in the gut. I suspect that it’s the serotonin I’ve been hunting for in these white flour/sugar combination foods. You cannot live a descent life without very much serotonin in your system.

Here is a link to a study done by researchers regarding PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) effects on serotonin production.

Study of PTSD Effects on Serotonin In the body

It talks about child-hood trauma acting as a component to the body’s inability to produce enough serotonin to live a normal emotional life. In my own experience, I believe this to be true

I take 5-HTP / B-6 in the amounts of 200mg 5-HTP with 100mg B-6, every night. I take it on an empty stomach, at least three hours after a meal and two hours before eating anything else. It can produce a mild up-set stomach so I take it just before bedtime and sleep through the nausea. I have been taking it like clock work ever since I dug my heels into abstinence and I am finding that my cravings for the white flour/sugar combination foods have all but disappeared.

I buy it on-line at this location. I receive no monetary compensation for linking to this site. It’s just the best place I have found to buy it.