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A post, by the author of Follow His Light inspired me to write my own experience with this.

*  *  *

I am a sheep.

I used to be a ram, but now I am a sheep and I am glad to be one. I grew up in ramsville and was taught the ways of ram-hood by father and mother. Dad and mom were gods, and they told us… all their children… we were to be rams.

A ram is strong. A ram follows his own nose and answers to no one. This is what I was indoctrinated into, and I was a good student who learned her lessons well. A ram is another word for… Atheist.

So I was a ram… for sure. Then I had a conversion experience. You can read my experience… HERE… In an instant I was turned, from a ram, into a sheep; one of God’s ever beloved sheep. And then I was allowed into His sheepfold…. PRAISE GOD!   Rams would never be allowed into a sheep fold.

And I believe that all of us, who are Christian, have had our own experiences that have turned us into sheep as well. And, because we are helpless sheep, God has given us a Loving Shepherd to take Loving care of us.

… and talk to us…

And all I can say is… how lucky we are.
We have a Shepherd whose voice we can recognize.
Yes, we can recognize our Shepherd’s voice.
The Bible tells us we can.

John 10:4

“And when He brings out his own sheep,
He goes before them; and the sheep follow Him,
for they know His voice.

Furthermore, God’s Word says that we can tell the difference between our Shepherd’s voice and those who are not our Shepherd. Isn’t that interesting?

John 10:5

“Yet they will by no means follow a stranger,
but will flee from him,
for they do not know the voice of strangers.

God told us in His very Word that, as a sheep, we can recognize who is talking to us… our very own Shepherd. And we can tell the difference between other voices that are not His. I believe, with all my heart, that this is true.

I have experience with listening for my Shepherd’s voice and I can honestly say that I recognize when it’s Him talking to me. But to hear His voice, we must listen for it. For how can we hear a voice if we don’t listen for it? And how can we listen if we don’t keep quiet to hear Him… our Shepherd? And how can we distinguish the voices of others, who are not Him, if we don’t listen… a lot… so that we can learn to recognize the sound of His voice… the tone and timber of it?

I have a sister who lives a distance away from me. When she calls me all she says is; “It’s me.” I don’t have to ask her who she is… because I recognize her voice.  I can do this because I have heard her many times before. It’s the tone and timber I recognize so that I instantly know who she is.

I, myself, have experience with hearing Jesus’ voice so I know that what the Bible says, is true. I have spent much time… quiet… listening… and I have heard Him so much, that I recognize when He’s calling to me… directing me. I have also learned to recognize the voices of strangers. The voices of demons who don’t care about me and who try to lead me into very dark and dangerous places; places meant to annihilate me; places where our Shepherd would never lead. At one time, I heard a demon voice telling me to…

“Go get a gun and shoot yourself in the head!”

This was an easy demonic voice to recognize.
But they are often much more subtler.

“Go gossip about that person”

“Go drink that booze / take that illicit drug.”

“Go beat the crap out of, or molest, your kid.”

“Go yell at that person… they deserve it.”

And like that.
These are a few of the dark and dangerous places strangers will try to lead us. Don’t follow these voices. Get quiet and ask our Shepherd to talk to you. He will. And very soon… in not that long a time at all… you too will begin to recognize the voice our beloved Shepherd Jesus.

* * *

**Peace & All Feloreaw  to our Great, Loving Shepherd…Jesus**