To read my experience with this, please read:
A Post Abortion Recovery Story

*  *  *

My husband’s therapist did this for me. This is not my own invention.
She also did this for my husband who was suffering deep guilt as well.

*  *  *

I was asked, by my husband’s therapist, if I would be willing to try something that might help me recover from an abortion I had in 1989. After nine months of horrible excruciating guilt, I was ready to try anything.

I said “OK”.

I believe this was God ordained. He came to my aid. The guilt was wiped clean in one session. True. It has never come back.

One stipulation: This can only be done from innocence because of being unaware of the fall out of guilt. After this, any more abortions would be done deliberately, with complete for-knowledge of what you are doing.

*  *  *

Get comfortable sitting up on a couch or a chair. You can put your legs up… if you will not fall asleep.

Do some meditation to quite your mind and to get physically relaxed. I would suggest five minutes or so of deep breathing and relaxation in a dark, quiet room – but do not to fall asleep.

This is a visualization exercise.

Visualize a beautiful open meadow with a tree in the center.

Visualize the baby as a child standing on the other side of the meadow. This child is just old enough to understand and communicate language.

Picture whether the child is a boy or girl. How old are they? What do they look like (size, face, hair color, etc).

Meet with the child under the tree in the middle of the meadow.

Lift the child up on a low branch of the tree so they are just higher then you.

Mostly just listen with only minimal excuses for what you did  (killed them).

Allow the child to vent all their feelings about being killed… anger… sadness… confusion… why they wanted to be born… anything else they want to say to you. Allow the child to do the talking until they have said all they need to say. Take your time. Make sure everything the child needs to say to you, is said.

Your job?  



Besides very short and minimal explanations (single sentences only) these are the only sorts of things you should say…

I’m so, so sorry for what I did to you.”
I wish I had never done that to you.”
I did a horrible, horrible thing to you.

Tears may or may not come. If there are tears allow all of them, until both of you and the child are cried out.

After all the tears have quieted down…and all that the child needed to say… was said. Gently lift the child down from the branch and say your good-bye’s. Then you go back the way you came and the child goes back to the other side of the meadow.

Then slowly bring yourself back to full consciousness.

*  *  *

If done thoroughly, after this, everything should be wiped clean inside.

You have made your amends.

*  *  *

To read my experience with this, please read:
A Post Abortion Recovery Story