Then the magic began

Jesus said to her;If you would but believe”
(100% in all the miracles and that
He was raised from the dead.)
you would  see the Glory of  God !
John 11:40

I am telling you the absolute truth here. This really did happen, and I believe it can happen to you if you are 100% willing to  let go  of all your old ideas about what reality is.

This is what I realized later.

Reality is sooo much different than we think it is. This is the actual truth of our reality…. Jesus is as alive today as we are! He’s as much alive today as He was when He walked with us in the flesh. And, if you ask Him into your home, having this 100% belief that He will come in, then He will come in and sup with you too, just like He did with me.

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

Ezekiel 36:26

“So they might see with their eyes and hear with their ears and so they might understand with their hearts and turn, and let me heal them”

Matt 13:15

All track of time was taken away.  Suddenly there was an awareness of a filmy curtain to my right that I could somewhat see through.

On the other side was a presence that I somehow knew to be Jesus. He came out from behind the curtain and kneeled in front of me so that his knees were touching mine.  He put his arms around me and just held me for a time.

After holding me for a little while, he pulled away and raised his arm.  In his hand was a long sword.  “What are you doing!!”  I exclaimed, terror gripping me. Before I knew what was happening he plunged the sword into my chest. But it didn’t hurt.  On the contrary something warm began to pour into my chest. He had slain me with a Love Sword, used to penetrate a steel cover surrounding my heart.  Jesus needed to get through the steel so that his warming love could enter me. So I would believe His love for wretched-me was real.

Is that what love is?

I whispered, in wonder.

I could never have found a ‘Loving God’.

How could I have found one…
when I had never before experienced love?

Earlier in my life I had a boyfriend who told me he loved me countless times… but I could never understand him. His love bounced off my steely heart. This was how it was with all the people in my life.  Before Christ, I could never recognize that there was love in my life. This was why I felt so, so alone.

Then he put one arm around my shoulder and directed me to look outward.  In front of my eyes, in a matter of seconds, my whole life was flashed before me… including terrible and shameful things I had done in the name of survival.  Then he said…

I was there when you did all those things, but I understand why you did them, and I want you to know =it’s cool=.  I understand completely why you did all those things. And I want you to know that I love you… and my love for you  is without conditions.

Then he turned my gaze in a slightly different direction and flashed my future before me, including all the bad and shameful things I was yet to do.  He said…

I know that you will continue to do things that are not so good but this is cool too.  I completely understand why you will do them. But you are my love and my child, and it doesn’t matter… I will always love you, no matter what you do.

Then he took his arm away and turned to face me with a very serious look,

He said…

I am going to give you a companion who will be with you every moment for the rest of your life.  You will never have to be alone again.

Suddenly I felt something come into me through the top of my head.  Later on I learned that this was a =being= which was called the Holy Spirit. And this Spirit has never left me… not even for a moment… to this very day.

Since that night I have never felt the horrible loneliness again.  Never!  And since that night I have had a sensation of two beings living inside my one body.  Just as I had asked Him for, Jesus had given me a =friend= and wise guide, who speaks to me about what God wants me to know. And, because of this new found friend, I have never felt that utter, utter loneliness again.

All the while this was happening I was aware of beings floating around the far side of the bedroom ceiling.  They were partying… singing, talking, and laughing.  There was a whole bunch of them hanging around the far edge of the ceiling.

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